About us

A company, a team, enthusiasts.

Established in 1989.

CAMBIUMEX Inc. adds value to Canadian hardwood. The founder and manager of the company is forest engineer Louis Laneville. He is supported by highly experienced production employees who know the ins and outs of Canadian hardwoods and how to maximize yields for customers.

Our expertise

One of Cambiumex's major activities is therefore to custom-cut hardwood lumber (thickness, width and length) to meet its customers’ needs. CAMBIUMEX has its own processing facilities (factory, warehouse, and shipping/receiving yard) in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, which is very close to the Port of Montréal.

Louis Laneville et Jasmin

Our commitment.

Cambiumex is committed to:

  • Producing quality products;
  • Respecting shipping deadlines;
  • Delivering volumes according to agreements.